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These might be going against the grain. However, my life is a journey full of up's and down's, and I believe that I have the freedom to take you on a tour of my world. Without much ado, grab a glass of drink and let's dive in. My name is John Oamen. I was born one beautiful morning on the 23rd of November. Growing up was fun as I grew up in Port Harcourt, and like any young boy, I enjoyed playing outdoors. I have always known I was made for more than meets the eye, so from being class captain to being the youngest player on the Milo basketball team. I became the Covenant basketball team captain and coach after representing Rivers State University in the Nigerian University Games. I had always given my best to anything I loved and as a result, become the best at it. Well, arguably ๐Ÿ˜€. So the big question at some point was what do I love to do for work? I remember thinking to myself how I was going to find my passion. Coincidentally, I stumbled on real estate through a family member who was dear to my heart and encouraged me to try my hands at real estate. Hmmn!!! what a relief. Finally, found where the glass slippers fits.

My Career Journey

As a firm believer in doing what my hands find to do well, I was super excited about my new line of work in Lagos as a realtor with Greenfield Assets Limited. Although a newbie, I had to help my clients get the best value for their budget. Being an empathetic person, I was able to create custom solutions for the housing needs of my clients. I provided suitable options that allowed them to achieve their furnishing goals with their available resources. I also worked with people that wanted to sell their homes or lease them and get good ROI on their property. Daily I worked relentlessly to satisfy my customers because I understood the importance of having a roof over your head. My body was tired, but my mind kept pushing me on and telling me that I could make it in this Lagos. In a short while, I was promoted to the position of Lead Realtor of my team, and it was during this time I discovered my natural ability to give great suggestions when it came to home furnishing. So after a while, my clients began to impress on me on the need to provide furnishing services rather than just giving them recommendations. It was not a smooth ride still I was eager about adding value to the lives of my clients so I sought after mentors and endured the hardships I experienced during that growth phase, in a short while the business began to grow and was able to sustain me then I pulled out from my job and started Faultless Finish in 2010. Demand for my services increased until I got the opportunity to finish construction projects on a commercial scale. From then on, I was opportune to improve my skillset related to that area while I also became aware of the gaps that existed in the real estate sector. My desire to fill the gap and after hearing the shocking amount spent by someone who was building a house when he could have spent way lesser and gotten more for value for his money pushed me to co-found LiveVend. My partner and I wanted people to have access to prices of construction materials in real-time thus enabling them to get value for their money and plan appropriately. Our desire to create a system that would minimize the cost of construction projects and the time spent on them was difficult. However, our inner drive pushed us to strategize and gradually build a platform where people have free access to the cost of building materials 24/7. I am putting my best into LiveVend, hoping that the construction industry would be revolutionized by maximizing the benefits of technology. I am keen on ensuring that people can manage their construction projects from wherever they are in the world and enjoy unprecedented success. Finally, my life calling is to convert my practical experiences to learnings for the next person in need. I look forward to connecting with you. You can follow me on my social media handles. Feel free to send me a mail: john.oamen@cutstruct.com

Writing for Action

I believe that each and every piece of writing should inspire an action that is connected to a tangible business goal. I will work with you to define our content KPIs, understand how to properly track and measure them, and hit our goals by creating effective messaging across all of your digital assets.